Nearly every stage production requires a ballast system for stability and grounding, preventing the structures from overturning or sliding. Ballast is necessary, especially when working outdoors, and ensures that stages or structures are supported from the ground up.

A Cube with Curves - Compact Design, Universal Truss Compatibility, Customisable Aesthetics

Features & Specifications:
  • Compact design to avoid a bulky production. With the same weight as other types of stage ballast, MTN cube has a much smaller size than a traditional one
  • Custom Vinyl skins available based on event colour pallet to give customizable aesthetics
  • Scenic mounting brackets to accommodate any production design
  • Adapter Plates for Custom Applications
  • Over 30 Mounting Configurations
  • 4 Side Fork Pockets
  • Steel Construction with Concrete Filled Core
  • Sizes: 1K or 3.5K (LBS)
  • All corners - 3-1/4" radius removing any hard-edged corners
  • Adjustable levelling feet via standard truss tools - 15/16” Socket and Wrench
  • Standard Bolt Patterns - for 12”, 15” and 20.5” truss

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Previous Projects

  • Two large LED Walls were securely and aesthetically supported with the addition of MTN CUBEs during socially distant drive-in concert at Gulfstream Park, FL
  • MTN CUBE used to support towers during 2019 Wake Forest University Commencement in Winston-Salem, NC
  • A truss roof with MTN CUBE creating an art installation in Uptown Charlotte during Charlotte Shout 2019

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